There Are Two Types Of Tambourines.

- Aug 02, 2019-

One is the drum ring and the other is the drumhead.

Since the sounds of the two tambourine structures are different, the playing method is slightly different.

When using a tambourine with only a drum ring, hold the drum ring with your right middle finger and then tap the left palm with a drum ring to pronounce.

Use the tambourine with the tympanic membrane to insert the right thumb into the small hole, the other four fingers to grasp the frame, and the left hand finger to strike the drumhead. But no matter which tambourine is used, the method should be uniform. Also, while playing vibrato, hold the drum with your right hand and continue to shake.

The tambourine is a percussion instrument of the Uighur, Korean, Uzbek, Tajik and other nationalities. It is very popular in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Yanbian, Jilin. The drums are wooden and single-sided skin. There are three types: large, medium and small. Used for singing and dance or instrumental ensembles. Whether it's folk dance or band accompaniment, the tambourine is a highly rhythmic percussion instrument that can be used as an accompaniment, accompaniment to dance and accompaniment songs.

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