Top 3 Board Games

- Dec 06, 2019-

What are some games for parties? 

Top1:Board game werewolf kill PVC waterproof card

Table players can not miss more than ten years of the long lasting classic of the game, after many rules of improvement and expansion, still hot more change more fun! In addition to the test of observation, judgment and reasoning skills, players of the psychological attack and defense is a big selling point, to let the opponent in the conversation to believe in themselves, it is not necessary eloquence.

Top2:Punch line storyteller: party board game card

Find the right card from the key word take turns describing the situation in one sentence or one word and play the card, while the other players figure out how to play a card that most closely resembles the narrative, shuffle it, turn it over and guess the maker's card. The key to the game is whether the non-test makers can successfully mislead other players to choose their own CARDS, so the process of the game must be flexible use of imagination and vocabulary.

Top3:Board game resplendent gem Chinese legitimate game card setBecome a gem investment master! Once the winner of the best game award, the light strategy board game, the rules are easy to understand so that even people who do not often play the game can easily get started. As long as you remember what you need to do when it's your turn, you can basically go smoothly. At first glance, buying a development card with a gem in exchange for points may seem like a good way to get the most bang for your buck.

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