Type Of Musical Instrument

- Oct 31, 2018-


Piano, harp, cello, viola, violin, double bass, harmonica, phoenix, electronic organ, xylophone, celesta, vibraphone, etc.


Musical instrument classification is an important subject in instrumental science. It is roughly divided into two categories. One is the traditional classification of the nation, also known as the traditional classification method. The second is the modern classification based on the acoustic physical induction method. Called the logical taxonomy.

The traditional taxonomy mainly refers to the conventional taxonomy formed in the history of ancient high cultural regions. It includes: China's octave classification (gold, stone, silk, bamboo, enamel, earth, leather, wood); India's two classifications (stringed instruments, gas instruments), five classifications (single leather instruments, double leather instruments) , frontal instruments, percussion and gas instruments) and four classifications (leather, string, metal percussion, gas instruments); Arabic two classifications (solid instruments [including playing, playing, polishing instruments]; empty The hole instrument [blowing instrument]) and the European three classification method (wind instrument, string instrument, percussion instrument). These taxonomy have their own connotations and classification basis.

The modern taxonomy classifies all the instruments in the world into five categories: body-sounding instruments, film-sounding instruments, gas-sounding instruments, string-sounding instruments, and electro-sounding instruments.

For traditional taxonomy and logical taxonomy, it cannot be said simply which science or unscientific, they must be the product of historical period, certain region, certain national culture and epistemology.