Ukulele Component Description

- Dec 10, 2019-

Tuner: The most important accessory to learn music, the first thing to do before playing is to tune the tone. PS: Most stringed instruments need to be adjusted, so it is also necessary to develop the habit of tuning at any time. The tuner on the market can be roughly divided into two types, one is an acoustic tuner, and the other is an electronic tuner. If you have n’t studied musical instruments, we recommend using electronic tuner.

When you get a ukulele, check and explore it. The first thing to do is to tune it. Tuning ukulele is very important, and the pitched ukulele makes the performance easy. More importantly, practicing ukulele with inaccurate sounds will make your ears familiar with inaccurate sounds, which will affect your judgment of music. Here's how you can quickly tune the tone anytime, anywhere.

1. First, tune the open string "C" of the third string.

2. Adjust the third string. Then hold down the fourth string of the third string and it sounds "E"; then you adjust the second string. The "E" of the third and fourth strings is the same as the "E" of the empty string of the second string. of.

3. Adjust the second string. Then hold down the third string of the second string as "G", which is the same as the "G" of the open string of the open fourth string.

4. Finally, press and hold the second cell of the 4th string until it is exactly the same as the open string of the 1st string.

As long as you align the "C" of the third string, you can use it to align the other three strings. Of course, you can also use the electronic tuner dedicated to ukulele.

Metronome: For those who are just beginning to learn music, the songs are easier to talk about and faster. So it's best to have a metronome to control the speed.

Strings: Generally speaking, ukulele's strings are not easy to break, it will be easy to break if the tuning is too tight, so bring the tuner with you to avoid the problem of tuning broken strings.


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