Ukulele Maintenance

- Sep 17, 2019-

If you don't use it, ukulele should be leveled to prevent it. It should not rely on or have heavy objects on the surface of the ukulele. If the right hand is in contact with the body for a long time, it will accumulate a layer of dirt on the body. If it is found This situation must be cleaned up.


Middle and low grade ukulele sells a thick cotton bag, and the high-end ukulele recommends selling a box, which is convenient for ukulele.


Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to ukulele. Usually avoid ukulele in the sun (playing the piano outside in the summer as cool as possible), do not get close to the heating. If the air is too moist, put some desiccant in the case.



High-grade ukulele is made from well-crafted craftsmanship and materials, so it is particularly vulnerable. Remember to put ukulele on the table or on the floor, and pay attention to the scratches caused by your zipper and buttons.


The "mainly play" of the universal maintenance method, ready to fully shake your ukulele parts, this is the best way to maintain ukulele.

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