Ukulele String Material Comparison

- Mar 02, 2019-

Ukulele string material comparison: Ukulele strings of different materials have different timbre and feel.


Ukulele Nylon strings

Ukulele nylon strings have more stringed instrument colors, and the timbre changes are more abundant, and the string-rubbing effect is more obvious. Its volume is moderate, the long sound is generally short, the use of a long time is more likely to appear intonation problems, the price is relatively cheap.


Ukulele Carbon string

The ukulele strings are made of relatively new materials, and the composition itself has little to do with the carbon itself. Carbon strings are characterized by very bright timbre, high volume, long duration, long durability, low volume and pitch attenuation over a long period of time, and more keyboard colors. But timbre change and knead string effect are inferior to nylon string, the price is more expensive also. Famous string manufacturers have produced carbon string products.


"Titanium" in ukulele.

This is a string made of a new material that has emerged in recent years, and it turns out that the titanium in this material doesn't actually exist in a metallic state. It is characterized by the timbre between carbon and nylon strings, the timbre is not too bright, loud, long and durable. It can be said that the carbon string and nylon string advantages of the new product. However, due to its late appearance, the utilization rate is not as high as that of nylon and carbon strings.



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