UNO Game

- Dec 06, 2019-

Come and learn the UNO gameplay

1. Start with the player to the left of the deal and play CARDS in a clockwise order.

2. The player plays according to the number, color or technique of the first card turned. For example, if the first card turned is a green 7, the player must play a green or other color card with a number of 7. Or the player can also play a card or a trump.

3. If the player has no CARDS to play, the player must draw a card from the library. If you draw a card you can play it. If not, play with the next player.

4. When the player plays the countdown card (there is only one card left after the card is played), the player has to shout "UNO" (only one card left). If the player is found by other players to have only one card left but does not shout [UNO] before the player's next player plays, the player must be punished by drawing two CARDS from the library. On the other hand, if the player's next player is not found before the card is played, the player is not punished.

5. The person who plays his hand the fastest is the winner of the round, and the sum of the remaining CARDS in the hands of others is the score of the winner. And the winner restarts the deal for the next round.

End of folding game

If the player is not found to have forgotten to call [UNO], there is no two-card penalty. The player cannot report that the opponent forgot to call UNO before the penultimate card is played. Similarly, the player cannot report that the opponent forgot to call UNO after it is his turn to play. The turn of the other party to play CARDS from the library or from his hands. If the last card in a player's hand is a 2 card penalty or a trump card penalty, the player's next player must still accept a 2 card penalty or a 4 card penalty. And the CARDS they draw are also scored. If any player has not played out his CARDS, and the library has run out of CARDS, he can reshuffle the CARDS in the library and continue the game as the library.

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Win by the rules of the game.

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