We Got A New Recommendation For Height Kalimba-17 Note Mbira Thumb Piano

- Mar 24, 2019-

17 Note Mbira Thumb Piano is a portable thumb piano made using Mahogany as its raw material. The metal lines are designed using ore metal. Thus, this brings a huge improvement in the touch feeling you get when you play this instrument. More so, Mbira produces a clean, clear, and peaceful sound.

HT17K koa kalimba 4

This instrument is lightweight and considered being smart size. Hence, you can carry it to parties and as many journeys as possible with ease. This product comes with a learning manual as well as a songbook. Thus, it is possible for you to learn how to play the Kalimba with ease. Hence, it is durable and provides longer sustain as well as great sound and touch feeling. This amazing thumb piano has metal keys that are fixed on a mahogany box. Thus, produces amazing sound from the box which acts as its resonating chamber. If you want your children to cultivate and learn musical talent, 17 Note Mbira Thumb Piano is the instrument to learn.

HT10KS Thumb piano 1        HT10KS Thumb piano 6

It is handmade using the best of mahogany for its body and ore steel bars for its 17 keys. Thus, you are sure of getting a clear sound and touch. Height Kalimba comes with a unique casing that helps to prevent it from damages. Hence, you can travel with this Kalimba in utmost convenience.


This Kalimba is best suited for recording and performance. You can use it for your family and all the other outdoor occasions. It comes with a professional study and learning guide. This Kalimba will introduce you to the details about the use and routines of the Kalimba. It has security against moisture, scratches, and many others.

17 keys kalimba 17 keys kalimba details

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