Western Musical Instrument

- Oct 31, 2018-

Stringed instruments are an important branch of the instrument family. In classical music and even modern light music, almost all lyric melody is played by the string part. It can be seen that feminine and beautiful are the common features of all stringed instruments. The tone of the stringed instrument is unified, with multiple levels of expressiveness: the ensemble is full of excitement, the solo is gentle and graceful; and because of the rich and varied bowing method (shake, broken, dial, jump, etc.), it has a dynamic color. The pronunciation of a stringed instrument relies on mechanical force to make the tensioned string vibrate, so the volume of the pronunciation is limited. Stringed instruments usually use different strings to play different tones, and sometimes you have to use your fingers to change the length of the strings by pressing the strings to achieve the purpose of changing the pitch. Stringed instruments are mainly divided into bow-pull-sounding instruments (such as violins) and plucked string-sounding instruments (such as guitars).