What Are The Steps To Self-learning Ukulele?

- Sep 19, 2019-

1: Watch more videos Tutorials Picture Learn to hold the piano pose

2 : To understand the ukulele, the names of the various parts, what role does those parts have?

3 Tuning Ukulele This is very important. There are too many words. You can pay attention to the heart. I remember the ukulele WeChat public number or the beauty. The steps above have tuning.

4: Learn the left and right finger method How to ukulele Press the string to pluck the strings to sweep the strings (these can be seen in the beauty of the film or the prestige public number)

5: I learned to play ukulele. I don’t have a basic music foundation. But I can play some simple music by watching the staff.


The four-line spectrum looks from top to bottom. The first line corresponds to the string of our string. The second line corresponds to the second string of the piano and so on. What does the number above mean? For example, the number 2 on the second line above means that the string of the 2 strings of the piano is held. The meaning of 0 is the empty string. It is not necessary to directly pluck the string according to the character. If you play more and more, your fingers will get used to it.

I will know how to press, and I will practice how to press and practice the bed together. I will practice during the break during the break. You will find your favorite songs so that you will be more interested. It will not take long before you will find that your piano skills are advancing by leaps and bounds.

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