What Is The Biggest Secret To Improve The Piano Skills?

- Sep 06, 2019-

Practice the piano, practice the piano every day, and practice the piano without end.


When I started to learn a musical instrument, I had an extra activity and practiced the piano every day except for eating and sleeping.


If you have the talent to practice, you have to practice without talent. When others practice the piano, you have to practice. When others play, you still have to practice. If you practice the piano, you have to practice.


There will always be more hard work than you, better than you, more talented than you, and much better than you.


When I didn’t insert the speaker to practice bass, “How did you play this guitar and thought that the alarm was off and the vibration was forgotten?”


Ukulele, "What kind of toy can you play the violin?"


Mahogany Ukulele

 Moreover, some laymen always feel that they must compose music when they learn music. If you say no, he thinks you are white.


 After reading this, is there any instrument that is learning to give up? Ready to learn is also beginning to retreat?


 Those who make you admire and admire which one is casually so powerful, what are you doing on your hands?


 Is it really worthwhile to study the instrument so hard?

 Think about it, when you can use your own instrument to play a piece of music;


When you show the applause;


When you are bored, you can use the instrument to relieve boredom;


When you find that learning a musical instrument allows you to develop some good habits;


When you learn a new instrument feels a lot easier;


When you can try to write a song yourself?

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