What Is The Difference Between Ukulele's Shape And Guitar?

- Dec 15, 2018-

Ukulele shape features:

There are two common shapes, one is guitar type and the other is pineapple type.

In general, the pineapple type has better resonance (basically negligible), the tone is more special, and the guitar type is more traditional, but the actual difference between the two is not too great.

Guitar shape features:

Guitar (Italian: Chitarra), also translated ukulele. The panel and the back panel are flat, the waist of the piano is generally not angled and concave, and the classical guitar generally has no depression. The neck is wide and long, with a string pillow on the fingerboard and a number of narrow, slightly raised metal cross-frames called "goods" that divide the strings into many semitones.

As a member of the stringed instrument of the instrument family, the guitar is a stringed playing instrument that makes a sound by plucking the strings of the upper one. While playing, use one hand to move the strings, and the other hand's fingers against the fingerboard, which is a strip of metal covering the neck. The sound played will be enhanced by the guitar's resonance box.