What Is Your Impression Of Percussion?

- Aug 01, 2019-

Recall that when you were a child, did you try to play a table, a bowl and a small wooden stick to ring the biscuit box... It should be said that almost all children have played "percussion" "It can be said that percussion is very big. It satisfies the child's desire to make a sound. It is the child's first music companion.

There are more than 3,000 percussion instruments in the world, and these instruments do not include the living utensils we occasionally perform. Nearly seven or eight hundred traditional percussion instruments have been recorded in Chinese statistics.

World national percussion instruments such as Tianba Drum, African Drum, Arabian Drum, Kahong Drum, Bongo Drum and Konka Drum.

Sound percussion instruments such as palm disks, drip guns, sand hammers, tambourines, sound beams, mourning, etc.

Some people think that percussion is defeated in the rhythm and is an inconspicuous role in the orchestra. However, percussion is not as simple and rude as many people think. Although percussion is not the forever protagonist in the orchestra, as long as it becomes the protagonist, it is not inferior.

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