WHOLESALE PRICE BASS SPRUCE UKULELE U BASS Prouducts Have Been Oderderd By Russian Customer!

- Feb 27, 2019-

Russian customers place an order of  WHOLESALE PRICE BASS SPRUCE UKULELE U BASS products, are preparing to pack and ship, thank you for your order, thank you for your trust and cooperation!




1. The growth process of spruce is relatively slow, and its growth period is relatively long, so it has a longer time to shape perfect texture lines, and the color distribution is relatively uniform.

2. Spruce wood is a kind of wood material, which is tough but relatively light. It is the preferred material in our Ukulele.

3. A lot of wood will send out a kind of bad smell, but the natural fragrance of spruce wood is light and natural,which can not only make people happy, but also inhibit the breeding of bacteria and kill some bacteria in the air, which is beneficial to the human body as a whole.


Comes with pre-amp for amplified use with volume, bass, mid, and treble control.


Uses Aquila Nylon strings which assure tuning stability.


Designed and set up to play standard bass guitar notes.