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Well made and convenient bag for all stuff !

The Height cajon bag is very well made and offers great protection for your cajon. Fits in the dip down section in the back of my van with ease and would probably fit in most car trunks. Make life easier by protecting your cajon and having an easier way to carry it from home to everywhere.

Charter Dele

Nice padding and very well made and nice zipper and handles.

The bag has good durability.Very specialized backpack that can carry more board games than you are likely to need in any one given evening.

Gabriell Robinson

Perfect Size for Standard game boxes and good quality game bag !

This backpack is the perfect size for fitting standard game boxes in and offers plenty of space for bringing your entire collection along.

The front-facing flap is great for quickly being able to show off your selection to cut down on the time it takes to pick something to bring to the table.

The build quality is good and the straps seem solid. This is an excellent buy for the price.

Andrew S

This Board game bag really does the job.

This is a rugged yet attractive padded case for your board games. The material is very durable and will provide good protection.It is worked great for holding my board games during transport. It fits almost every game I own.

Dustin Charleston

This is the best bag of this type I have found.

The game backpack can customizable our own logo! Our client bring board games and lots of other items with frequently when traveling, so it's a great hands-free option!

This is the 3 time I have placed an wholesale order, and their service is very good.They will be constantly updated with the production status of the bag each time, and will also be provided with professional advice on how to better design the bag.


Super impressed,it's perfect for a game night.

The overall design is very good for keeping board games secure,fits any game box and is well made.

Bryan D

Have been very impressed with the quality of their product

Fits over 7 games easily, looks great, looks well made. Shipping the samples to US was a bit pricey but it seems to have been worth it.

These bags are nicely padded on all sides and there’s also the awesome extended padding past the inside of the zippers. So games are well-protected even from the zippers.

Matthew B

I am happy with my purchase

You guys are great! Great product. Great service. What more could I ask for?


Love this ukulele!

You seem like a great company, easy to deal with and with a family feel. All too often I find that businesses don’t want to know if there is a problem; you seem to care. I think being around musical instruments and "folk" type music indicates a certain kind of mindset, and this comes across in your business dealings.


It is a great ukulele for the price.

Product seems to be well built for a beginner. It’s beautiful. Packed carefully, delivered before expected time and no damages. The gig bag that comes with it is so good that is def protects my uke. And the sound quality of the uke is awesome. Crisp and clear. The look, touch and wood of it is all in high quality.


The Height Bags and Products are with very good quality and favorable price which are welcomed by our customers, here are some customer testimonial for your reference. Thank you for all our customer's feedbacks.