23 Inch Special Design Solid Spruce Ukulele

Model No:HC19 The Spruce top provides a complex, open sound with loud projection that pairs with the bright, midrange tone of the Hawaiian Koa back and sides.
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Product Details

1.Product Identifiers

Model No:HC19

Cutaway +Big Cutaway Style

Top: Solid Spruce Wood

Back &Side: Butterfly Wood

Fingerboard: Walnut wood 

Bridge:Walnut wood

Machine Head : Golden Die-cast with BK peg

String: Carbon String

Saddle & Nut: Ox-bone

Binding:Pearl Shell + walnut wood binding

Rossete: Pearl Shell

Finish: High gloss

Color: NS

Size:23 Inch

2.Product Photos

Gloss Spruce Top Ebony Wood Ukuleles 4

Gloss Spruce Top Ebony Wood Ukuleles 5

3. Ukulele Size Type

●Soprano (20″)– which is the original and“classic” sized ukulele.

●Concert (23″)– which has slightly more volume/depth than a soprano because of its larger size, as well as added play ability for larger hands.

●Tenor (26″)– which is larger still, and is the most popular size for advanced players, perhaps because of the wider range of tones it offers.

●Baritone (30″)– which is the largest ofthe 4, but tuned differently, usingthe same DGBE tuning as the top 4 strings of a guitar

ukulele size 2

4.Company Profile

Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. found at Guangdong, China. We produce musical instruments and supply them to worldwide customers since 2009. Our products includes all kinds of instruments and we also can supply good musical instruments parts and insturment cases & bags for our customers.

Height Bag in the GZ Music Show

Our product line can cover from student level to professional level. Therefore, there are different kinds of products which can meet different requirements of our customers. We can do OEM producing, and we also can help our customers to finish their product developement and make the prototype sample in order to start the batch manufacturing. We will try our best to supply good quality product, best price and best service to our customers, and build long term cooperation with our customers.

5.Prodcut Qualification

Ukulele certifications

Ukulele certifications

6.Our service

Quality Guarantee And Warranty

1.Strict Control In Production Process And Quality Inspection Before Delivery.

2. Scientific Packaging and Transport.

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