Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

Model Name:HC02 This Mahogany ukulele offers a lively full body that resonates with sparkling highs and warm lows. While very affordable, this wonderful instrument produces a rich tone .
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Product Details

1.Product Details:

Model Name:HC02

Condition:brand new


Type:concert ukulele

String Configuration:4 strings

Saddle &Nut:Ox-bone

Binding:5 line&BK ABS

Top: Mahogany Wood

Fingerboard :Walnut wood

Back & Side:Mahogany Wood

2.Product Information:

Their unique construction also makes them more resistant to humidity and sweat, which gives them longer life without intonation problems arising. Designed for regular C major concert tuning (GCEA), you can enjoy the great tone and feel of Aquila ukulele strings for longer.

3.Ukulele Product Details Images:

HC-02-1  Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

HC-02-2  Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

HC-02-3  Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

HC-02-M Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

4.Picture show how to Play ukulele:

uku show

5.Production Line:


6.About us:

Our website offers a huge range of Musical Instrument.and our products perfectly meet the international standard . our ukulele and kalimba have guarantee perfect craft, modern design , comfortable handing , clear sound and excellent playability .These ukulele have been exported to many countries and areas.

uku company show

Our goal is to supply quality products and offer at a great price with exceptional customer service to meet our customer's needs.Your encouragement will keep us moving forward.


1.Does this one have aquila strings?


2.I had a beginners Ukulele, and the strings weren't nylon. Will I need to replace the strings with nylon once it ships? How was the quality of them?

The stings on this Ukulele are Aquila strings and are very appraised by the ukulele community. You should not have to replace the strings. They will take about a week to stretch out until they stay in tune, but once they do they will last a pretty long time. The longer you have the strings on the better they will sound. You don't have to replace Uke strings until you started noticing marks rubbed in from the frets. Quality is great!

3.How should these be tuned? Like a tenor or soprano?

Should be tuned to G,C,E,A. Saprano, Concert and Tenor are all tuned as GCEA. Only the Baritone is tuned differently.


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