Spruce Concert Ukulele Hawaii Guitar 23 Inch

Item No.: HC08 23-inch size applicability, later want to change the way of playing there is no need for a new ukulele.
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Product overviews:

Spruce Walnut Tenor ukulele 5

Spruce Walnut Tenor ukulele 3

Spruce Walnut Tenor ukulele 4

Item specifics:

Item No.: HC08

Top: Spruce Wood

Back &Side: Black Walnut Wood

Fingerboard: Walnut wood

Machine Head : Die-cast with agate-color peg

String: Carbon String

Binding: 5 line ABS+ Red tortoise shell ABS

Rossete: Red tortoise shell ABS

Customer questions & answers:

1.so is it a guitar or ukelele

Actually this is 4-Strings ukulele, made of Spruce Wood and Walnut wood. But the term ukulele is too professional for some people. So we add name guitar on the title. You can call it small guitar,that is OK.

2.Can you use a guitar strap?

Answer: I would say no... Guitar strap will be way to big, not only in length...but especially in width! A guitar strap would make handling this small instrument incredibly awkward.