Sapele Top Electric Bass Ukulele

Sapele Top Electric Bass Ukulele

Model No. : BSSP30
Top panel: Solid KOA
Back Board:Laminated KOA
Side Board: Laminated KOA
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Product Details

Sapele top electric bass ukulele


●  Model No. : BSSP30

●  Top panel: Solid KOA

●  Back Board:Laminated KOA

●  Side Board: Laminated KOA

●  Nut & Saddle: X-Bone 

●  String: Aquila string

●  Item Size:23 inch  

●  Finishing: Stain

●  Bridge and fret-board : Rosewood/ walnut or copy rosewood optional    



●  30” big size, perfect size for adults and kids.

●  Body is made of koa, fingerboard is made of rosewood.

●  With delicate tuning peg, easy to tune.

●  With electric pick up system.

●  Exquisite workmanship.

●  The pattern on ukelele is very exquisite and beautiful.

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More about U BASS Ukulele

1. Detailed Size for Bass Ukulele:


Alternate names

Typical length

Scale length



Common tuning

Alternate tunings


30 in

(76 cm)

20 in

(51 cm)



(C♯ 5)

E2 A2 D3 G3


Perhaps the greatest appeal of the bass ukulele is its ability to produce a big sound despite its tiny size.

And while it’s much smaller than a bass guitar, it’s still pretty big compared to most ukuleles.

Typical bass ukuleles range from 30-32″ in length, which is comparable to a standard baritone ukulele.


2. Body Type

●  Depending on their body type (hollow body or solid body)

●  Bass ukuleles will look like either a giant ukulele, or a baby bass guitar. But more importantly than just looks, the body type of the instrument also plays a huge role in the sound.

●  Hollow body bass ukes have a sound that resembles an upright bass, while solid body bass ukes have a sound more comparable to that of an electric bass guitar.So depending on your style of music, the body type you choose is absolutely KEY.


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